Eligibility to apply for enrolment at SRC

The students who attend our school are young people that may struggle to undertake their education in a mainstream school.

We welcome applications from students who feel that a mainstream educational setting is not the ideal environment for them to thrive in academically, socially or personally.

The selection criterion for SRC focuses on the following priorities:

    • A demonstrated desire to learn.  Students who enrol have to want to attend and participate in all activities.
    • A maturity to learn in an adult learning environment with the ability to work independently for short periods of time.
    • Barriers to effective participation in mainstream education and/or experience of disadvantage. These barriers may include challenges associated with: mental health, social inclusion, financial disadvantage, Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander background, family breakdown or educational disengagement.
    • An acceptable level of risk posed to other students.
    • A level of functional literacy and the ability to function independently.

Courses on offer

SRC offers  Stage 5 of the NSW School Syllabus (Years 9 &10) which can lead to the awarding of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). SRC also offers Stage 6 of the NSW School Syllabus for Year 11 and 12 students, which may contribute to the award of the the Higher School Certificate and attaining an ATAR.

Students also participate in ‘Life and Work Matters’ which focuses on personal development, learning for life, volunteering in the community and exploring the world of work.

Our curriculum allows our students to prepare for further education, training and employment.


There is a resource fee of $100 per year. This covers curriculum resources required for subject delivery and excursion costs. Instances of financial hardship will be considered as it is not the intention of the school to have finances be a barrier to learning at SRC.

How to apply

To apply for enrolment an application form must be completed, which is included in our information book. You can return your application form directly to the administration office at the school or email it to info@shoalhavenrivercollege.org.au

If there are places still available after we receive your application, it will join a list of prospective students.  You will then be contacted to attend an interview.  All eligible students will be interviewed by the Principal. Prospective students are welcome to bring a support person along to the interview but we are most interested in what the student has to share with us about why they would like to join the SRC community.

At the interview we will also ask the student about their experiences of schooling and their background. A student’s acceptance into the school is, in part, dependent on their communication within the interview concerning their openness and willingness to embrace change and having a desire to grow and succeed. Please note, an interview does not guarantee an offer of enrolment at SRC.

Following the interview, the SRC principal and school staff will make a decision as to whether the student will be offered a place at SRC.

This decision will take into account the following:

  • Is the student  able and willing to learn within an adult learning environment?
  • Does the student demonstrate an expressed desire to attend?
  • Can SRC  meet the students  needs?
  • Does SRC currently have places available?
  • Does the student meet eligibility criteria?

Ongoing enrolment at SRC

All students at SRC must abide by the schools Code of Conduct and rules  outlined in the Student Handbook which will be issued to all students.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in students progressing through the disciplinary process.  Disciplinary action ranges from suspension to withdrawal of enrolment depending on the breach and the student’s attitude towards their behaviour.