About Us

Studying with us

Shoalhaven River College is a registered non government school accredited to deliver the NSW School Curriculum for Stage 5 and 6. SRC operates under the auspices of Kiama Community College Ltd.

Our Staff

All of our staff are approachable for students to discuss any concerns with their school and with life. Our Youth Support Worker will provide students with ongoing additional whole of life support.

Staff are committed to enhancing learning opportunities and strengthening the wellbeing of every student.

Our Classes

We have small class sizes so that each student can have their individual learning needs taken into account. Students can choose how they are positioned in the class to learn. Teachers may choose a change in environment to deliver the lesson, for example, by going outside. We don’t have school uniforms or bells and are on a first name basis across the school between all staff and students.

Our Learning Approach

We employ adult learning principles, based on mutual respect and celebrating difference. Students have the opportunity to take on the roles and responsibilities of learning as an adult does where we foster academic achievement, independence, belonging and the celebration of life’s accomplishments. We encourage students to have a sense of working in collaboration with the staff to succeed.

Our Core Values

Respect Self and Others

Our school environment is one that is respectful, friendly and inclusive.  We foster an environment where all students and staff feel a sense of belonging to the SRC community, with respect being the foundation of this. All students are embraced for what they can bring to the school community and are expected to respect who they are and respect others.

Take Responsibility

We are a school community who takes responsibility for our learning, our behaviour and our academic and personal growth. When things don’t go to plan we use it as an opportunity to reflect, be responsible for our actions and mature. Students are expected to take responsibility for their attendance and their engagement with their learning.


All individuals are encouraged to strive towards success in all domains of their life. We expect our students to have the desire to strive towards their goals, both academically and personally. Students are celebrated when they achieve a success and are supported and encouraged as needed so that they continue to strive.

Why We are Different

SRC is a minimal fee paying,  small, independent school.  We have been designated by NESA as a ‘special assistance’ school. There are eligibility criteria and an application procedure to determine who can enrol. We maintain the right to accept or deny student applications on the basis on students’ readiness to participate in an adult learning environment.

SRC is not an ‘easier’ option for school life, nor is it a behavioural school. Though our school environment and delivery are different, students will still need to demonstrate effort and determination in order to succeed at SRC and beyond. Because SRC is not a specialist ‘behavioural school’ we are unable to cater for students requiring high level behaviour assistance.

We are unable to accept everyone. We have limited places. We carefully select students who meet our outlined criteria and who proceed through the application and interview process. Not all young people will find that SRC is suitable for them, and there will be times when it is in the best interests of the student to be enrolled elsewhere.